Immersing into the art of words

Throw me letters, I can produce a few words which then transform into a line of sentence. Growing up, English is not a local language in my country but it is used nationwide, and even everywhere. Being a person who struggles daily to improve the proficiency of English, I honestly believe that non-native speakers find […]

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Never travel to JAPAN if……

Psst…. Allow me to complete the headline, never travel to Japan should you lack the strength to survive in extreme cold weather. Oh sorry, I did that on purpose. Anyway, I can assure you this is not a paid article! πŸ™‚ Across the continent in Southeast Asia, there lives a young man who seems to […]

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To the east, we go!

Life’s great when we get to enjoy every single moment conferred to us. Even greater when the moment can be shared together alongside the people we never get tired of. We sure do love doing new things but more often than not, we fail at identifying that “new things” we can do within our capacity […]

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