Yeah, Malaysia is BORING

Travelling has never been any harder now with the 24/7 Internet available across the world. It aids you in listing down all the best and go-to places worthy of a visit. But again, should you travel to Malaysia? Is it good? Of course no, here’s why. And YOU WILL feel it’s BORING for some reasons.

P.S. It’s a guaranteed claim.

1. Malaysia a heaven for FOOD.

True, indulging too much on food may sound a tad bit troublesome for your tummy. I mean, who likes to eat till drop while chomping on a wide array of dishes from different cuisines available almost every corner. Be it big cities or isolated villages, you’ll definitely get the best taste to feed your hunger (plus the extra layer of fats you may add soon when you travel here!) Pretty bad? Yea, I guess so.

Diverse in so many aspects, we take the highest pride in food options. But here’s a fun fact, Malaysia is best known for Nasi Lemak (or it’s Coconut Rice if we translate it) and Teh Tarik (Malaysia Milk Tea) as our trademark, sometimes we refer that as our national pride to introduce to new travellers.

2. We respect different cultures

Yea, who likes living in a society with different faces and races? You’ll be terrified seeing tolerance that Malaysian could actually practice that is not common in some other parts of the world. From working ecosystem to diversity in religion and belief to even food, they may make you think twice or thrice to see the ‘uncommon’.

When I mention Malaysian, it usually comes with or made up of unique races, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan, Bidayuh, the Aborigine, and more. I identify myself as Malaysian Malay, while my friends can be Malaysian Chinese or Malaysian Indian. You see, we all live in the country harmoniously and respect each other.

P.S. You will be exposed to a lot of cultral differences in Malaysia.

P.S. If thought about race triggers negative connotations, stay away!

3. Sunny and rainy all year. Terrible climatic environment?

Yea, who likes going outside in the afternoon at 12.00 PM with an average temperature of over 30 degree celcius all year round? Or… Rainy season hitting through the land which makes you feel dead mad because you can’t go anywhere outside?

Sure, it’s this sunny season that we hate (nobody likes heat anyway) but we never have to set an extended episode of thoughts of which trench coat to be purchased this year, we never have to allocate some budgets to get a new jacket for autumn too. During rainy season, it’s that time of the year that we call our winter finally comes in. The environment is cool, and perfect to sip a cup of tea with three pieces of biscuits everyday in the late afternoon.

[Read it this way: Malaysia is not a four-season country, hence we have zero need to suit ourselves during the transitioning period of season of those countries as such. It eases our mind, at the very least we don’t need to put the thick coat at the end of the year]

4. Hate it, we are blessed with unique festivals (Read: It means holidays).

Holidays, as some claim, are not good for the growth of business. It’s the ugly truth that the business experts say. Well…. in Malaysia, holidays are set according to religious or racial events, each enacted through governmental laws.

For Muslims, holidays are generally allocated for three days at least (Eid Fitr & Eid Adha). Chinese New Year is another vivid celebration to welcome a new chapter for Chinese community. Deepavali and Thaipusam are those that belong to Hindu. Christmas for the Christian at the end of the year. Pesta Kaamatan and Gawai Festival for those living in Sabah and Sarawak. This is how diverse and multiracial Malaysia is!

5. All hail! Cheap flight tickets via AA.

If you notice any red airbus soaring up the sky or descending to land, that’s a flight option for many of us to travel outside the country, and tickets are affordable. With this viable option, we can cut our cost and invest more on the trip, rather than the tickets alone.

P.S. I personally choose this flight because hey, I flew to a lot of places already!

In conjunction with Malaysia 62nd Independence Day, I would like to cherish the moment and appreciate every gem that my country offers because that’s what makes me Malaysian! Happy Independence Day, Malaysiaku!

Disclaimer: The message intended to capture attention and no hate is described here. Yes, it should be “Why Malaysia is perfect to me”. I appreciate your time on my page.

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