Let’s CAT this love!

Yes, you sing it right! Let’s cat this love woohoo!

Shout out to all cat lovers out there, the post is dedicated to you for being kind, loving, and caring towards all cats in the Earth. We grow up seeing this fluffy animal since young and yet we cannot deny the fact that they are cute, can we?

I remember the last time when I was 5, my mom kept a female cat at home and she delivered 3 kitties. We took care of them with full of love until they took their last breath. Since then, our house is filled with “meow meow” sound hence the liveliness.

Now that the cat generation never stops. Some came, some we took home from outside and nursed them with care, some bred and delivered new kitties. It is as though the home will always welcome new cat comers to live here and we never really put them in a cage, once grown, they are free to roam around and see the outside world. To us, the nature of animals should be like human, they deserve the rights to get the fresh air and meet ‘partners’ for um, you know, mating purpose LOL.

I understand how it feels like when somebody tends to be sorry looking at the starving cats in the street, because we feel that too. Funny thing is, I like calling all cats ‘sayang’ (read: baby or darling, like how you call your other half). But beware, your real partner might be jealous 😝. So here, I compile photos of my cats (some are not mine) to appreciate their overloaded cuteness!

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