Story for the broken hearts

You lie on bed today as you’ve got nothing to do to kill your time and you slowly pick up your phone, seeing what seems nice to enjoy while figuring things out. Your eyes took a sight on the message icon, you click, you start scrolling through it. “Damn… why did I do this?” What did you just do?


You just traced your old long conversation with your ex partner. And all of a sudden, your heart sinks and starts making a sad drama. It hurts you even more reading all those promises you and your partner once made to be happy ever after but all that became ashes when a party decided to break it off for good.

The daily “I love you, sweetie”, “You’re the best!”, “No one else, but you <3” and “I miss you, love” was a routine you did to your partner but it turned out dark at one end. Worse, you haven’t really moved on from the past and that you miss your ex partner so much.


Everyone(?), you and me, must have at least experienced broken heart once in life and we never asked for it in the first place. Of course it goes without saying, we’re human, emotional turbulence is the special recipe in life to keep us strong internally. We’re all vulnerable to some extent and sometimes all we could do is being sad over the thing that broke our heart into pieces. We then let the time pass and heal by itself.

Whether rejections, breaking up, or even death may be the reason behind your sorrow, the best approach to slowly let go is discharge whatever you feel inside. Remember, you can’t keep stress for too long as it will eat you up from inside. You may end up getting anxiety so don’t go overboard with your feelings.


Speaking of heart breaks, different people have different tolerance that controls their emotion. If I were to be in such circumstance, it might take a year(?) for me to fully recover. Or maybe lesser? That depends. But there’s this one thing that keeps me sane; “We can’t erase past, but we can make peace with it.” – I have to agree with this. No one is able to ‘delete’ neither ‘erase’ their past but of course, moving on means we should be able to accept the reality that the so called ‘partner’ is no longer important in our diary. Lesson learned. Some people crossed our path for a reason, either to teach us something or to change us to be better.

‘Moving on’ sounds easy, but hard to practice. It comes with great patience and strength for one to truly achieve the finishing line. As a person who has fully moved on, I can assure you that it took me to greater heights. I became a better person than who I was previously. But this story isn’t all about me alone. I’d like to share a few things that can be useful for some to follow.

744479Credit: wallpaperaccess

“People change for two reasons;
Either they’ve learned enough that they needed to,
Or they’ve been hurt enough that they had to”

If you’re in a toxic relationship and it leads you to nowhere, I believe it’s time for you to leave. Don’t be too stupid to stay and tell me you love the girl/guy so much. You can love a person, no one can control what you feel. But don’t you feel tired to face the same sh*t over again, fixing the relationship just to protect her/him? Don’t let your partner take you off guard and have some SELF RESPECT for yourself.

Personally, I believe we can never find an ideal partner, but we can embrace her/his imperfections as we complement each other. However, don’t let their toxic attitude control the relationship. Remember, it takes two to tango 🙂 

P/s: Not about me

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