I see it…I like it…I eat it!!!

The title says it all, I see it, I like it, and I eat it! Yes in reference to this title of a song by someone famous (we already know which singer that is!), I believe it is somewhat related to what I’m gonna post today.

FOOD! I don’t see myself as a food hunter but at times capturing photos of local food and dishes gives me the feeling of pleasure. I mean, let’s put it this way, food can also be a type of unique art we can always admire. One plus point about it is that, it comes with aromatic smell that no one is barely able to refuse (to chomp).

As you might expect, the post comes with a package of random photos I captured that you can ‘feast’ your eyes with.

PS: More posts about food to come soon!

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  1. By the way, nice sangat blog ni. Just love it. Kalau baca post u travel around the world, i rasa i pun macam ada dekat tempat tu. Nice photos! You’re talented man!

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