The sweet taste of achievement


A term that carries thousands of meanings behind it which one perceives differently. True, the meaning of achievement a person can define may revolve around getting married at the of 25, having luxurious cars bought with one’s own money, having a degree scroll kept safe in a clear folder, or maybe travelling to a multitude of countries.

With social media being the core platform everyone has in their own hands, the achievement can be shared worldwide so the audience could get a sight of it. Ahaaa, now this is another story. When we opt to share on social media, there are spectators who seem to judge us, worse, jump to conclusion saying we’re all are so full in vanity. Heck, who grants them the power to be envy and throw shades?

Back to the main topic, achievement sounds sexy, yet kind of intellectual in the most successful way to boast around. Oh of course that should be followed by our blood and sweats. Sometimes we feel happy, as though the achievement should be shared and that’s why we feel the urge to post it online.

I would say, this is human nature. No one should be ashamed of their own success. Achievement is our own sacrifice, energy, and effort in ways that we did it in the right manner. But of course, it should be shared appropriately with no single abuse in the long caption of the post.

Over the years, I’ve seen many successful people sharing their stories, their tireless effort in achieving the dreams they held for years to make them come alive. I’m inspired of course. And when that came across, I started feeling fired up to create my story as a writer. It was just last week, I had my first article published on local newspaper which I see it a mini achievement for the year. The effort to go out and interview an academician, pumped up to write a lengthy article to ensure the piece is useful. Also, being in contact with media people can be challenging in a way to persuade them into publishing our piece. But that went smoothly and I love it! Hence, let’s look at the article below.

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