So long, 2018!

What a great year it has been, well at least to us. Instead of saying “It’s been a roller coaster year for me..”, let me tweak it a bit. Yes every year is a roller coaster year for everyone. But can’t we for one moment, appreciate all the things that came into our life, knowingly or unknowingly.

I don’t wanna sound like a preacher here but 2018 has taught me about the sweetness of being optimistic in every possible condition. Mark Manson used to say in his book, a positive experience is a negative experience and negative experience is itself a positive experience. To me, things that took place this year have been all positive. Let’s put it this way, I am optimist.

So this year, I managed to gather my experience, things that fell into place of my memory box to be tucked away for good. My first day of 2018 was in Perth, Australia. That was a major experience as I had never travelled all alone with a hope to celebrate the coming of new year in a far different soil.

Jump to March, I had a birthday celebration with my family in Melbourne, Australia. Nice? Oh heyyyy of course! We had a road trip to Great Ocean Road so we got to freshen our eyes with the best god’s gift there. To add more, travel opportunities are what lighted up my 2018 because I travelled with my buddies this year to Japan, again!

Being a journalist, we all understand that sounds like a glamorous job working at a TV station or a media organisation, interviewing all the prominent ones to be reported in the news. But to me it’s really the other way around. I work at an NGO specialising in helping the needy, providing life aids to ensure their life is not at risk, at the very least. No doubt it is an eye-opener for me to see the world on the other side. And with that, I attach the photos I managed to capture this year!


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