To the east, we go!

Life’s great when we get to enjoy every single moment conferred to us. Even greater when the moment can be shared together alongside the people we never get tired of.

We sure do love doing new things but more often than not, we fail at identifying that “new things” we can do within our capacity and ease.

But it’s pretty much accurate – if I can deduce it 100% true – to think that travelling opens a new track of experiences that one can feel satisfied, which I think can be considered as one of those new things to do.

Travelling requires energy. But as much as it requires all the sweats to enjoy the nicest view on top of a hill, it also enables people to appreciate diversity and uniqueness that has been in existence for decades.

Recently I made a second tour in Japan just to enjoy the vibe and its environment. Why did I say second tour? I was in Japan last year but that only covered Tokyo area and the visit left such an impactful (dot) in my heart so I made a promise to make a comeback, which I did in October.

So this time, along with another travel buddies, I completed an 8-days journey in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara. Some have been questioning my interest in Japan, what makes me fall in love with the country till I spent thousands only to get my feet stepped on the Rising Sun country.

My super honest response goes like this, if you’re head over heels with something or anything at your sight, there’s a sudden force that builds inside you to achieve the things you are into. In fact, the force becomes more stiffened as you work harder to get it done.

I look Japan as a country which is somewhat unique, full of worth to visit and hidden stories behind their success. The civilians work hard, the attitude is top-notch, the service is excellent, and it’s an organised country which is hundred times better than most countries. But above all, they are all struggling hard to make the country as a role-model in the world.

Among the things I’m always mesmerised is the way they behave when queuing in line, waiting for the arrival of train. Despite their busy schedule, manners come first. The same thing also applies at all escalators, either in shopping malls or train stations, it is so satisfying to observe a line of people. Heck, I’m that weird.

But of course, travelling outside my home country is always about memories and photos as part of life journey to keep for good.


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