Vitamin Sea is the new supplement

I’ve heard this a lot:

Put ‘Vitamin Sea’ in your equation of health, only then your life is stress-free. True, the vitamin we adopt today can relief our mental state leading to healthy mind, except that we should not be aqua-phobic. Sea and beach, both when teaming up together, are both a perfect combination to help you feel relieved.

Vitamin C equals to Vitamin Sea

Being me, I embrace this type of nature. Listening to the sound of waves, smelling the sandy beach puffing through the air, while birds chirping to harmonise the environment. What’s more to say the clear seawater is enough to make you go wildly excited for swimming and snorkeling.

This time is another adventure but I will simplify the content so it’s never gonna be too formal as you read the article. First and foremost, have you tried jumping off a cliff, down to the sea? It sounds kinda exciting but yet madly insane to do but that’s where the challenging part comes in place right?

Well…. If this seems to be of your interest or you’re just the adventurous kind of man to put your life at risk (?) too, I dare you to do it at Pulau Sironjong, West Sumatra, Indonesia. You may decide on which level to do, either 6M or 20M above sea level. But there’s another thing you can do here, climbing the metal stairs and simply stand on the deck…. and jump! LOL no, this is where you can observe bluish green seawater, embrace the tropical forest from above.

Attention: Safety measures should be prioritised before you decide to climb up the metal stairs as the gap between one another is wide enough to drop one person down.

Would you believe if I say there’s an island called Satan Island? Yes you read it, Satan Island (Pulau Setan), prior to getting called Satan, the island was known as Sultan Island. In Indonesia – perhaps Malaysia too but the spelling is wrong – Setan is Satan and Sultan is the King.

So if you ever commit a criminal act in the country, you’d be sent to this island as a punishment. Nah, I’m just kidding! Hahaha. Just like another island, Pulau Setan is a tourism destination that allows people to visit and stay for a night or too. There are several facilities provided in place.

What about the swooshing sound of waterfall at Mandeh Waterfall? Perhaps for those embracing nature I suggest you spend some time here too join the crowd in the ‘pool’, the water can be cold enough to make your body shake.

Psst, I’m of the opinion that embracing nature means you’re soaking yourself into it without needing some further information to get ready. All that is required is to equip yourself with safety precautions to ensure your life is not at risk. But overall, enjoy your me-time!

These are some of the places I got to visit in West Sumatra, Indonesia. the spots can all be reached by a boat costing you around 700,000 Rupiah at Carocok Tarusan, Mandeh.


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