Cherishing natural wonders and local histories part 2

So here we go again, and as I promised in my previous post, this is the second part of what you can expect to do in West Sumatra to fill up your time there. If you’re a new reader and just made a landing here, please feel free to catch up the first post (click here) as this is a continuation from the previous one.


Taste a local coffee with your buddies!

From magnificent natural views to diverse types of culture, Indonesia too wins the heart of many for its variety of food and beverages that may leave a small spot in one’s mind. I had this experience at Kiniko Cafe where the taste of ‘Kopi Kawah Daun’ – brewed leaves coffee – is served.

The local believes that this coffee has a potential to reduce or lower our cholesterol level (of course the LDL cholesterol). Aside from sipping a cup of coffee while enjoying natural beauty at the back, Kiniko Cafe will test your patience to see whether or not you pass to buy some local snacks in the shop. Yes, my point is there’s a shop that sells a variety of local snacks and they all look so tempting….. Did I mention I love the taste of local food here?

On top of this, visitors also get to see the packaging process of coffee at Pabrik Kilang Kopi right next to Kiniko Cafe. Upon entering, you’ll be able to smell the aromatic scent of coffee powder. For someone who is not into coffee like me, I guess this is the time to give it a try, huh?

Probe into the history of Minangkabau

Your journey is never enough without visiting this traditional palace, Istano Basa Pagaruyung – Pagaruyung Palace – that not only serves as a tourism attraction, but keeps the many histories about Minangkabau. Located in Tanjung Emas, subdistrict near Batusangkar Town, the palace is a replica that resembles the original palace, built in Batu Patah.

There exists quite a number of evidences that say this palace was a home belonged to Rajo Alam, known as “Tali Tigo Sapilin”. During the sovereignty of Minangkabau, Istano Basa Pagaruyung was a residential area for royal families where the central government held its power.

The palace, as you can see in the photo, is a three-storey building. The first floor is the main area where you can spot on various old furniture and traditional garments. The second floor is called Paranginan Anjuang, the room for which the unmarried daughter of the King sleeps. The third floor is called Mahligai that serves as a storage room to keep the King’s properties such as the Royal Crown.

Eat like a local at Sawah Laman

Ahhhhh…. perhaps we’re at the best part of the topic. I am a firm believer that when we travel to a country that is of different from ours, devouring local food is a must. Sawah Laman, located at Batusangkar too, is an ideal place for everyone to chomp on local dishes. In estimation, it’s about 5 to 10 minutes driving from Istano Basa Pagaruyung.

Not only you get to taste the food, prior to entering the main hall – in an important event where necessary – you will be welcome by an acting couple as a friendly greeting thus giving you the experience about how pleasant Minangkabau people are. During my visit, my team was also greeted with a performance, all of them whom were dressed in traditional garment to highlight their identity. How nice!

Attention: It is better to eat with bare hands like the local. Of course, please wash and clean your hands before you start eating.

Make your way up to Puncak Kawa to enjoy green scenery

Shout out to nature freaks out there, especially those who are into green scenery, Puncak Kawa should compulsorily be in your list when travelling to West Sumatra. I dare tell you this is where you can get easily swayed as the environment is windy, yet kinda cool. Such refreshing air!

Puncak Kawa is located in Pariangan, close to deemed one of the most beautiful villages in the world. Forget about typical black coffee at hipster cafes, you can have snacks and a cup of tea to enjoy the view while you’re there. In fact, where else would you appreciate this god’s best gift? If you’re interested to make your way up here, the journey may take up to 40 minutes from Istano Basa Pagaruyung. Yes it sounds a tad bit far, but you will never regret once your feet are there.

Oh before hiking up, visitors will most likely pass through Desa Terindah Nagari Pariangan. They say…. to experience one’s culture, visiting a local village will give you a better outlook of it and when in need, snap photos!

So….. that’s the end of Day 2! Oops, stay tune! There’s one more chapter. Enjoy yet another video!

Note: The article is made through the Familiarisation Trip to West Sumatra in September. The content is originally published and owned by me. 

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