See it, love it

More often than not, when we happen to see something extraordinary in our sight, or at the very least our brain suggests that it’s really beautiful, we tend to slide to our camera and snap a photo or two. Those street wanderers can relate, I suppose. Say, as you walk in the downtown in the afternoon on a Sunday and you’re at a street art lane, surely you never wanna miss taking some photos.

It seems to me we have advanced to inculcate a new habit within ourselves, or we’re too engrossed to embracing technology. Of course, we obviously shouldn’t waste technology. LOL. But really, it was eccentric to slide into the camera only to snap a single photo of something.

I dare say that for not everyone is, by nature, ‘audacious’ to perform such action in  public where many can see you (and judge you in silence).

That’s not the point. Has it ever come across your mind, for the moment you take a stroll outside, you tend to record everything as if those would be your memories later in the future. Heck, unless aesthetic, nobody would do that. NOPE. The idea is that, compilation of videos recorded using our mobile phone can seem create a motion of reminiscence to re-look if we feel bored. I mean, there’s a story behind a video, isn’t it?

Speaking of which, I tried venturing into new creativity, which is to compile videos and create a story. I find it enjoyable to have my own product, coming organically from my own experience and ideas. So taking a new leap, I challenged myself to create a story.

Disclaimer: My experience was limited in Penang. The trip was all for work purpose. 


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