Back to nature

I was born in a big city full of people everywhere back in 1994, and frankly for over the next twenty four years, my life has been so infused with city too. Oh well, maybe I did stay for a few weeks with my grandparents in Melaka when I was 5, but that alone did not expose me to real Mother Nature.


To say that I fall in love with nature is kinda abnormal to me as I’m more a city geek, the only nature I’m head over heels for is beach, because I love the smell of sand and the cool breeze dashing through the air. Who doesn’t, anyway?

But of course, you never know until you find out yourself. The hustle and bustle of the city is enough to make you crawl for fresh air somewhere far away from the sea of human. Have I told you I can be quite subjective when it comes to personal choice? Oh yes, nature does have the element which offers you something you can never buy in city?


It sure does. I went to Gua Charas last year with a bunch of friends, a very much needed escape plan as we were too confined with workloads that we wanted some fresh oxygen. The initial plan was to stay in a capsule but on our second thought, a one-night stay without activities was plainly dull…or boring.

Gua Charas is located in Pahang, a state in the east-coast of Peninsular Malaysia, about 25KM north west from its capital city, Kuantan.  If you happen to make your way to Sungai Lembing, you’ll most likely have a glance on a striking granite and limestone formation jutting out from the soil.



I can consider this as a hidden gem that is still underrated as nobody really wants to just visit the cave. You know, the energy you need to spend. Nonetheless, the information board at the site says that the rock formation has attracted many for professional archaeologists and geographers.

But what’s really inside the rock? Are we able to get in? Yes, but before that you gotta climb a flight of metal steps and upon reaching, you’ll be able to see a big sleeping statue there. Be extra cautious as source of light might be off in some time. Also, the metal steps are to be at your risk. It can be really slippery especially during rainy days.


From afar, I can assure you the view of this hidden spot is promising, especially for those nature lovers.

Oh, of course it comes with some entrance fee if you”re interested to explore the cave. It should be around RM3 upon entrance but the price may vary. Put into account that you may need to travel on harsh roads as trucks often use this way too.


Confession: It’s time to feast my eyes with nature.

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