Do you want… breads?

So… wake me up when September ends? Kidding.

I noticed one thing, my accustomed habit when I go out and walk around in a shopping mall despite having no purpose to buy anything. But taking photos of food is what seems I think, the best part of photography because the lighting set up in a mall is perfect and kinda worthwhile.

Months ago I went to a bakery (as if I never go), selling lots of breads, cookies and pastries so without a second thought to decide whether or not I should go, the breads looked really tempting that my stomach kept growling for them. Who would have thought I got inside the store just to capture photos…. as though I am the owner. LOL. Then I came to realise “Oh this is nice, I can upload them on my blog”.

Why breads? If you were to ask me, breads have nice aroma which is why in the first place I was attracted yet tempted to buy all of them. But of course, I didn’t buy any (forgive me). Now, let’s look at a stack of photos I captured.


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