The Tamarind you need today!

Take it easy~ This is not gonna be about ’10 benefits to reap from Tamarind’. But that can be quite a clickbait if you’re downright innocent. LOL. You wouldn’t believe there is this place called ‘Tamarind Square’ in Cyberjaya, Malaysia which emphasises ‘brutalism’ in its architecture.

I found this place from a friend when he said ‘Hey, Tamarind Square is perfect for a photo junkie like you’. Damn that hit me right on my heart man because I used to work in Cyberjaya but never had the chance to see it while I was there *life can be unfair, you know*

Oh, I noticed that I haven’t been squeezing some time to explore and look out for what’s nice around the city. So I decided to have a stroll and see it with my naked eyes. So, shall we?

P/s: This is a photoblog


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