Goodbye, six.

Oh wow. 2018, look you’re flying too fast. I did not expect half a year has passed and another half is about to kick-off in less than an hour (in my country, of course). So anyway, we might want to re-look into what has been done or achieved through these passing months. I guess it’s true, life can be so full of surprises (I don’t wanna get older the next morning I get up).

The clock is always ticking, it would never have the thought to – hey wait a minute, I’m tired let’s pause the world time. I’m taking my me-time for awhile – stop and sleep, or stare. But I’m pretty sure, speaking in general, people have made progresses along the way knowingly and unknowingly (by accident, does it count?).


And of course, I too had some fruitful moments that can be considered an album of memories for 2018. To begin with, MY NEW YEAR 2018 was awesome! I had the chance to celebrate the year on the soil of Kangaroo, Australia. A plan I had never even placed in mind to see the fireworks in such a big continent. But hey, don’t you think it’s a great idea to celebrate new year somewhere in an alienated place to you? No? Yes? I’d say yes. Time passes each day. So squeeze your time to make it worth before it’s too late right?


Second of all, who would have thought a career change has led me into the world of humanitarian which I never imagined in my previous life? Well…. all this while my experience was all about writing to editing. But I learned more at my new organisation because I’m exposed to a different view of work. Instead of just carrying out my responsibility as a writer, the hands-on experience to gather and mingle around with vulnerable people make me feel blessed with my life. It’s kinda like a hidden achievement to strive while at the same time building your empire to become ‘someone’ in the future. Oh I hope that makes sense and do not go haywire. LOL


Yes, thirdly. My biggest day in life = BIRTHDAY. It was celebrated in Melbourne alongside my family. Who would have thought I had the chance to celebrate my birthday somewhere outside my homeland? This is one of the blessings I find so memorable and too precious to be traded with time, because one of my wish lists is to get my birthday celebration in Australia (ha ha ha).

Writing can be very daunting, eh? While writing this, the mind just keeps popping out with loads and loads of information, all to be congregated in one place but heck, living such a modern life, I know people would want to pass this and say “yeah, I’m lazy to read the whole post so let me just ditch this one too.” KIDDING. Haha thank you for your time and patience!

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  1. Hi there, i really love to read your writing, but i dont really like that you used the sentences ‘previous life’, like how come a muslim like u belive in previous life? Please dont take into heart, i know u just used the words randomly but please be coutious of your words esp that related to akidah. Please keep writing. Sorry if i hurt u. Just my 2 cents.


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