When one door closes, another opens


The only term to describe my page but let’s not forget I’m still the owner here. Busy life has been throwing stones (read: tasks) on my head that I couldn’t really get a glance on my blog, hence the silence without new post coming in.

However, I’m very much delighted to share my story about the new life I’ve been venturing since last three months. Previously, I was a health writer. I delved into the world of medical writing, only to get familiarised with medical terminologies and jargon because I wanted something useful for myself. Medical writing requires thorough research because you need to verify all facts taken from journals. Simply, it’s tough.


Visiting an isolated village

But now, I can proudly tell anyone that I’m a humanitarian journalist. Why? Am not I ‘humanised’ yet? Lol leave it there. The reason is that,  as a human I find it hard to obtain satisfaction in the middle of my work. It’s like I could hardly find the meaning of work. Previously, I couldn’t care less about finding the perfect job which can match with my satisfaction.

I understand now. As a humanitarian journalist, it opens my eyes widely to always prostrate down on the Earth and be grateful for what I still have. How does this relate to me, and it seems a bit confusing to explain. I’m attached with a Non-government office (NGO) which specialises in humanitarian works. We serve people. We collect funds to help people. We want to empower those vulnerable groups so they can rise up to their feet and continue the pace of life again.


Interviewing a single mother

As a journalist in general, we go out on the ground to see the situation with our naked eyes, and that’s where I feel blessed for what God has granted me since day 1. Tell me, how can I not feel sorry to observe some people living in a shelter without sufficient sources of food, how can I not feel sorry to see young children are poorly educated because their parents could not afford to send them to school, how can I not feel disappointed to see vulnerable groups are totally abandoned? These are among the things I witnessed as a humanitarian journalist.

Lesson learned, and now I understand what I need in life. We may dream a life full of wealth, big houses with a swimming pool, what’s more to say when we dream to travel the world. But at the edge of the world, there exists a lot of unfortunate ones who daydream to have a life like us. Keyword: Gratitude.


Humanitarian visit in Sabah, Malaysia


Building rapport with refugee


P/s: Anyway, I cannot disclose my organisation. It’s private and confidential.

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