Here we go, Great Ocean Road

Melbourne equals to Great Ocean Road and Great Ocean Road (GOR) equals to Melbourne.

Anyone travelling to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia must have been listing GOR as the topmost destination to visit in the big continent of this kangaroo land. It is, indeed, a picturesque spot to step on especially for the view-geeks (Oh well, count me in).

Although located over 200KM away from the vicinity of Melbourne, I believe it is not a disappointment to see the place with your naked eyes. An ideal getaway for those wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities, GOR is where you can feel the movie vibes, as though you’re in Africa while driving on road. Along the way, wild animals common in Australia can also be spotted (if you’re lucky).

Driving in GOR is no easy task, while you should strictly follow the speed limit. The snake-roads, different speed-limit zones, plus the howling tummy can make you go wildly insane to reach your desired location. My tips, be sure to study and examine which part of GOR you’d likely to visit, bring extra food to satisfy your hunger, never forget to follow the speed limits or you’d be fined, and of course, turn on the radio to kill the boredom!

I had a chance to visit a few places there; Port Campbell, Gibson Steps, and 12-Apostles! If you’re someone who like adventurous stuff, well, spend a night or two there.

To top it all, GOR is where you should go once your feet touch the land of Victoria. Is there a bus to take you there? Yes, there’s a tourist package you can select at different prices. However, it is advisable to drive yourself there.

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