One year, four cities

That’s it. An achievement I made within a year to conquer four major cities in the big continent of Australia. People might have questioned my visit in the country but little they knew it’s my life-time goal and I managed to step my feet on the land of Kangaroo!

Just to recap, last year in May, I had my first flight to Sydney then drove myself to Canberra. Meanwhile in December 2017, I visited Perth and observed 2018 in the city. Now, what I wanna say is that, I visited MELBOURNE last week and….. CELEBRATED MY BIRTHDAY somewhere along the Great Ocean Road!

How cool is that? The usual birthday party at home with some balloons floating and candles burning on the cake was replaced with a holiday trip, and in fact it’s Australia. I know you’ve been feeling annoyed with me for being wildly excited over Australia. Lol.

Right for a ‘mini’ teaser, let’s have sneak-peek at my photos. Oh well it’s a proof that my physique was in that four major cities mentioned.

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