Exploring the real ‘cartoon’ life

Digi-destined kids! Are you ready for a brand new excitement in my article today? Be ready because you’re about to venture into something that is of different from my old posts. Would you believe if I tell you that a number of Digimon places are legit real?

Yes, a lot of scenes in the anime resemble quite a number of places in Kanto, or, what most people know it as the great Tokyo, Japan. If you have the urge to watch the new series, many anime websites have uploaded the anime!

Digimon Adventure, being initially aired in Japan in 1999 produced by Toei Animation, is seen as the great memento to the many children over a decade ago. Comparing this anime with Pokemon, the chosen children are now in high-school. But, I’m not gonna compare these two animes as they have different sets of storylines.

Whoa wait, how do I know that the places are even real? Aren’t they just a mere sketch that is graphically drawn together with colours? To tell you the truth, during my visit in Tokyo last year, the scenes in the anime took place in Odaiba, such as Fuji TV Station, Tokyo Big Sight, and the Ferris Wheel.


Screenshot from: gogoanime


Also known as Tokyo International Exhibition Centre, Tokyo Big Sight is one of the major scenes that can be identified in the anime. In Digimon Tri 3; Kokuhaku, Patamon was infected with virus but he was “stubborn”, still had a strong will to fight despite being harmful towards other digimonters.

Also as a recap, in Digimon Adventure, Tokyo Big Sight made its first appearance in an episode where the clash between Vamdemon and Digidestined kids occurred. Vamdemon was later reborn as Venomvamdemon, but eventually died and lost to Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon.



Screenshot from: gogoanime

Okay, first of all, I apologise on the low quality of the photo. It was screenshot using a phone and the graphic has tiny bits of blur. The scene shows that Togemon is battling Darktyrannomon as a call to Mimi’s cry.

​Earlier, Mimi’s father tried to stop Darktyrannomon from rampaging but he was easily knocked out. Hence, Palmon digivolved. But later, Togemon digivolved to Lillymon, a pretty flower digimon.

Odaiba Fuji TV Station. In the first Digimon Adventure, this building was used as Vamdemon’s quarantine to keep the children in search of the last digidestined kid, Hikari, Taichi’s young sister.



On top of this building, Hikari finally owned her digivice which then triggered Tailmon to digivolve to Angewomon. Vamdemon was defeated to Angewomon’s celestial arrow along with the help of other digimonsters. But soon after that, Vamdemon was reborn as Venomvamdemon.

You may call me lame, but visiting anime places is one of my wishlists and it has been successfully achieved, at least. There are more anime places to discover I suppose and if I were given a chance to go on-the-hunt again, I would say yes! So if you have any anime photos that you got to visit, share with everyone!

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