Calling for all seafood junkies!

If you’re a huge fan of seafood, this post can be very consequential and exciting. However, if you’re outside Malaysia, activate your ‘standby’ mode at the corner because you’re about to cry in a few minutes. KIDDING. No don’t close the window yet ok?

I consider myself a chicken lover, be it fried chicken from the famous KFC, spicy fried chicken from McDonald, roasted chicken, chicken soup, or ‘Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Api’ (Malaysian dish). To tell you the truth, I can never get enough with chicken until I ditch all other dishes no matter how delicious and tempting they could be.

Just a few days ago, I went out with my family for dinner treat and we wanted to eat something extraordinary (read: different) to satisfy our hunger. Instead of just the usual fried rice, mamak fried noodles, or Roti Canai, we set our target at a ‘shell-out’ eatery. The prime reason we chose to eat there was merely because it is affordable and friendly for family dinner.

With the most affordable price starting at RM30.00, what’s more can you say to resist the temptation of shell-out experience? Unless you’re allergic to seafood, you’re adding another loss on the list of world’s best blessing.

Now, let’s have a sneak-peek.

Disclaimer: I guarantee there is no agreement made for promotional activities. The article is free from any business platforms and no parties are attached.

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