Food, food, and more food!

[This is a photoblog] To be honest, I’m writing this post using my mobile phone because my laptop has been refusing to turn on even after I tried the many suggested tips I googled to rectify the issue. Luckily most of my photo albums are kept safe on cloud but you know what, I still want photos snapped in Japan and Indonesia.

That’s not the point now, but of course my page must not be neglected should the problem comes unintended *sigh, if only I can keep calm*.

Thing is, I’ve been eyeing on some photos to be shared with but the fact my lazy brain doesn’t feel the need to do so, and it’s delayed unethically.

Right. Food, as the name suggests, everyone including me can never get enough with. So I took this opportunity to go and about for some food hunting at ‘Pasar Malam’ so I can have several decent photos to be shared with my audience here.

PASAR MALAM = Street market, usually begins as early as 4.30 pm

Disclaimer: Photos are to be credited to the owner which is me.

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