Natural phenomenon ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’

As I was lying on the bed, scrolling my Twitter feed for a few minutes, I came across one interesting news that made my finger swiftly click the link to explore what it is. It was reported by many local newspapers that a natural phenomenon Super Blue Blood Moon will occur today. WOW what a great ending of January!

In my country, we get to enjoy the eclipse today (31 January 2018) at 6.51 PM to after midnight 12.08 AM tomorrow. In summary, the phenomenon will last for approximately 5 hours and 17 minutes. According to NST, the eclipse can be seen over the skies of Eastern Europe, East Africa, Asia, Australia, and North America.

The National Space Agency claimed the full moon eclipse takes place when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned together. Interestingly, the moon will gradually change colour from white-pearl to reddish to its original colour in the period of five-hour

And another interesting fact about this super phenomenon is that, the moon has actually just crossed the perigee position yesterday (30 January) with a distance of 358,993 KM from the earth and hence making this Eclipse Supermoon. Supermoon is defined as the moon’s distance which is less than 360,000 KM from the earth.

Sure, I will be waiting for the phenomenon today and snap a bunch of photos to be uploaded here so you can expect photos from my end too! (AT THE END, NO PHOTOS WERE TAKEN AS IT WAS REALLY CLOUDY AT MY PLACE 😦 SAD). Meanwhile, let’s enjoy several photos of this phenomenon shared by NASA.


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