That London vibe

Perfect, a photo with the background of Buckingham Palace or Tower Bridge is enough to tell everyone that we’re in London! The brownish building, the classic environment, or even the diversity in United Kingdom is what makes the small country unique.

Desperately to some, UK or London is not like a stone-throw away from their place. The flight ticket costs us the price of living for two months even, considering that I am originally from Asian continent.

Surprisingly during my vacation last year, I found a place that can best describe the environment of London, although it’s a small place to haggle around. For someone like me who wants to visit UK since young, London Court in Perth may be the kickstart to visiting UK soon? Who knows?


London Court is located in Hay Street, Perth City and it was built in 1937. Now, this unique place has become one of the best destination choices for travellers with shop lots and cafes. London court links St Georges Terrace and Hay Street Mall.

Food junkies can sip a cup of freshly roasted coffee, savour at interesting cafes or enjoy a melting pot or international treats or that include UK sweets and gourmet chocolate.

In fact, shoppers can expect to browse through the many choices of apparels, premium jewellery, footwear, accessories, and antique goods.



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