Who doesn’t like free food, anyways?

Food is life. Life is food. The equation seems to be reciprocating to each other for the foodies out there. Of course, without food you will die and what is life without food? Does it make sense to you? LOL ignore me.

Anyways, let’s not waste your precious time. To be honest, I still have a lot to add up more posts on Perth trip but didn’t get to do so lately as I am really busy picking up all messes at workplace. As I scroll through all the photos I snapped, I found a place worth mention on my page.


Given the name THE CHEESE BARREL, this unique eatery is located somewhere in Swan Valley area. What’s nice about this place, you might ask. Ah well, the free food of course! The cafe offers a selection of cheese for complimentary tastings every day.

Whether you’re a cheese lover or not, I keenly believe the cafe has really a genuine idea in terms of its marketing plan and alluring the customers even from afar (uhhh like me, from Malaysia).

Oh wait, if your thoughts about this cheese revolve around those wacky cheeses packed in a box that every one can purchase at a mini market, you may need rectify something about it. I say, nope. The cheese is freshly produced in the cafe and not manufactured from a factory. Also, it’s not a cheese factory.


If you have a need to place an order; beverages and desserts, just go to the counter.

Upon arrival, make your way to the table and ‘cheese experts’ will likely approach you with three different types of cheese. They will also confer with you on the information of all this cheese served on the table. So during my time, I got to taste:

Jensen Red: Light brine is smeared over the surface to encourage the growth of Brevi Bacterium. The vivid red is produced with Anatto (a natural food colouring). The outer texture is firm, sticky and salty. The interior is smooth and buttery with a full of round flavour.

Marcel Petite Comte: Named after founder Marcel Petite whose philosophy of simplicity led to a process of organic farming and “Affinage lent” or slow maturing. This AOC accredited cheese has a firm, dense mouth fill with a lingering sweet nutty finish. It has been aged for between 10 – 20 months in the cellars of Fort Saint Antoine.

Windsor Red: The patterned cheese presents the best of both worlds by combining a delightful and delicious mix of flavours. It has the fruitness of port and brandy and creamy cheesiness of semi-hard cheddar.


(note credit: The Cheese Barrel)

The cafe runs daily starting at 10 AM (Monday & Tuesday) / 11 AM (Wednesday – Sunday) till 5 PM and cheese tasting is usually open from 11 AM till 4.30 PM. Here’s the address:

920 Great Northern HWY
Millendon, WA
Swan Valley

Now let’s look at some puns!



Disclaimer: No collaboration was made between me and the cafe. The intention of this post is fundamentally made for public information only, hence, no further promotions are required. If you wish to dig out more, please feel free to visit their official page – The Cheese Barrel.


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