The only “gold” all can afford to have

Ah talking about gold, there seems to be many virtual gold being sold online which does not require even a walking distance to make a purchase. In the world of today,  everything becomes digital, so does gold to join the club in recent years. Gold is also seen as a stable property to keep at home in times of emergency.

Nevertheless, how many of us can afford to buy gold especially the millenials of today? Here comes the answer. Well to me they’re gold that can be easily obtained every single day. If you’re young like me (still below 25 of course), keep this gold consistently can help reduce your economic problem in some way. What are they? They’re coins you may collect each time you want to make payment at a counter when there are balances in form of ‘cent’.

In Malaysia, new coins are made in gold colour and worth 20 cent and 50 cent respectively. Would you believe I managed to save those coins for over a year without taking even a penny out? It’s kinda addictive for me to keep gold coins at home but I’m more of a person who values things I keep. I say, they have some sort of sentimental values?

To date, all gold coins I saved are worth RM73.20. So for young adults like me, keep the coins at home, they can be helpful in times of emergency!

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