[Photoblog] Sunset is for the ‘sentimentalist’

Perhaps one of the god’s best gifts in this universe is the natural occurrence of sunset each day. While we’re busy delivering task scheduled in the office, doing some back-to-back work to ensure every end meets, have you ever noticed that sunset actually ‘welcomes’ you to pause your hard work and head out to get some rest.

Before you start questioning my post, allow me to explain further. As a young working adult that starts his day at a pace from 9 to 6, I never really care about the surrounding outside the office. Heck. All I think is to reach home earlier so I can sit in front of the dining table waiting for the food to magically emerge like in the Aladdin.

Just lately when I got back home and look at the sky, I was really astounded for a moment by how the hue and colour tone changed from azure blue to pumpkin orange. I paused my endless thoughts and enjoyed the picturesque scenery above with the Sun to set soon. Living in a big city may offer you luxurious indulgence, however so, none can beat this best view.

Reminiscing memories, ah yes. It got me sway to the time when I was in Perth, witnessing the gigantic fire ball to turn down and say goodnight.


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