How to deal with skinny people, like me

Disclaimer: This post is just for fun. No hard feelings!

We often heard people wanting to trim off the extra fats, shredding pounds off the body. But we never really care about the naturally born skinny people. If overweight people is struggling their life to lose a single pound, then the case is vice versa for the underweight! Yes, being me, I’m skinny and I consider myself a hard gainer although I eat lots of lean meats to increase the scale.

Being underweight is as hard as the overweight people because we need to deal with a lot of social problems that we may encounter every single day, no matter where we are. So in this post, I’d like to share with the audience how we should deal with this special cluster of people (Yes all due to my skinny figure).

Never tell them to eat more


Would you believe if I tell you I’m a foodie? Frankly, I really am. Maybe it’s a blessing gift for us but people keep on saying “Dude, you’re like a walking skeleton, eat more!” I can tell you how sometimes I get annoyed with such scornfully abusive remark. The thing is, we tried. But our body refuses to “register” (read: enjoy) the food in the stomach. But hey, I can eat for as much as I want to.

Avoid sarcastic remarks at all cost


“You eat like a horse, but still looking like a thin hair..” and “Have more portions, you’re too skinny..” are both remarks I never fail to hear when having a big feast. You know what’s annoying? When I eat too much, people tend to tell me that I keep a ghost in the body to suck all the food I ate. But in a situation when I’m not in the mood to go with a big portion, they tell me to add more on the plate. Can you leave me alone? *Sighing*

Don’t play with their wrist


Well… physically skinny means our arms and wrists are smaller too that many of my friends can make the tip of their thumb and index finger meet around the wrist, effortlessly. Yea, at least we get to spot our veins with the naked eye.

Never make jokes about them being fatter when they have kids


Yes, a lot of times and I’m tired of listening to this “myth” all year-round. When your body is ageing, chances are your system cannot work efficiently as it is when you’re young. So…. stop fabricating more mythical stories (although it is sometimes acceptable).

Stop labelling or equating us with twigs, matches, or a piece of paper


Need I say more? Nope. Telling us how “twiggy” we are won’t help us put on more weight. We will appreciate if you can treat us a big box of dinner everyday. LOL.

Do not discourage them from working out

I mean, we are all entitled to work out too, aren’t we? We may not hold an objective to be sturdy and muscular to show off like those you-know-who on Instagram. But our goal is to be healthy. Sitting at home and practicing unhealthy lifestyle is not a good idea to live with.



That’s it. No worries, this post is made intentionally to get some fun. Nothing written on the page is intended to demoralise or downgrade anyone because hey, I’m skinny too. Duh.


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