So… why do you write?

People have different kind of hobbies, some like to go out and do extreme and high-intensity sports during their free time, while some like to go out for food-hunting at a newly found eatery with the fanciest food on the menu. On a simple note, we as human are different in terms of personality. You know, a person can be very outgoing and excited to explore new things. So, what about writers? Why do they write, or you yourself, why do you write?

Writing has always been my hobby since young (although now it’s considered typing, LOL). I aspired to become a writer when I was a small boy, to make impactful changes through my writing skill although I am still far and far from what I can be in the future. But it’s no harm growing up being ambitious right?


“So why do you write?” is always a glaring question when I meet someone new at new places. To be honest I never thought that writing can leave a powerful effect towards my life. Not an avid reader I can say, but to master writing requires me to read and write altogether at once. My fair answer is I’d like to grab as many knowledge as I can because through writing, this is the best platform to learn and to unearth something extraordinary you never even know exist.

I write to inspire? It’s really a blessing if someone drops by my page and tells me they like what I wrote so far. But frankly, I write because it’s a free education to me. Free education? Now the case has become more complicated. Indirectly, writing can truly stiffen my brain to a certain point in which I can think to the depth of its core. It trains my brain to think thoroughly over a subject matter, and that’s just it. I write to reinforce my brain power.


In fact, don’t you know that writing could polish up your language, if at all? It may sound cliche to some of you, but language-mastering is another highlight that I believe doesn’t belong everyone’s forte. An individual is entitled to learn and improve a language, but to become an expert in it requires a great deal of sacrifice, which is why I keenly think writing is one of the best approaches to mastering a language, especially English here being a global tool to communicate.

Guess that’s about it for today, just my two cents on why do I write. Now tell me, why do you guys write? 🙂


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