Rottnest the hotness Island

I’m not sure if anyone of you has ever gotten a response whenever you said you’d like to  travel to Perth, Western Australia. Of so many responses I received: Perth is nothing, Perth is boring, and Perth is not fun. Dude, how you define travel is different and you cannot always equate your thoughts with me. It may be boring to you, but to be frank, Perth is where the calm is.

True, if you’re stuck in the city wanting to sip a cup of coffee at Starbucks Cafe and planning to buy a simple t-shirt at Hard Rock shop, I’m sorry to say that Perth does not have all this to offer you. If you’re the type that enjoys liveliness and vivid environment, Perth may not be a wise choice for you to travel to.

However, if you’re in need to get a me-time alone, spending your day without thinking the hustle and bustle in the city, or meeting some wildlife and natures, Perth can be a great choice. As I was in Perth last December, I learned that there’s a hidden gem sitting off the coast of this quiet city, the Rottnest Island. It’s a small island that can be reached via a ferry.


The fees? You have two options to choose from, Rottnest Express or SeaLink. I chose SeaLink as hey, the tickets at Rottnest Express were fully purchased during my arrival at the counter so I sadly had to select SeaLink. Oh kidding. But, SeaLink is a tad bit expensive as you may have to fork out about 67 AUD for a return trip with government tax inclusive. But my journey with SeaLink was smooth-sailing and the environment in the ferry is cosy. Not to mention, you can bring a bike too with an additional charge of 15 AUD. I purchased the ticket at a counter in Elizabeth Quay but the ferry departed at B Shed Fremantle so I gotta get out early in the morning to be at the port.

The island may be small, but you still need a transportation to move around. Hence, a bike is required. Why bike? Because it’s the main transportation in the island which makes it more environment-healthy. You can take a tour by bus there but I advise you to explore the island by bike. It’s more satisfying and you never have to wait for the bus. Not only you get to break a sweat, you will be healthy *wink wink*.


Hiring a bike is now common in Rottnest Island. My experience there, I rented a bike for a day and it only costed me 30 AUD with 50 AUD security deposit. There are many locations as you cycle around the island. Bike rental can be made at Pedal & Flipper Hire. Oh as a safety precaution, please wear a helmet provided and make sure you bring enough water to re-hydrate yourself. Remember, cycling up and down the hill can be very exhausted and make you dehydrate quickly, especially for someone who rarely goes out for exercise.

For a first-timer, we’re always unsure where to go and what does this island offer best to its visitors. Worry not, upon arrival, you will make your way to visitor’s centre and you can get a map there to help ease your journey. Still not sure about something? Approach the receptionist at the counter and throw your inquiries, she will be happy to help you.

Being an island that is not congested by harmful gases, Rottnest Island is an ideal short escape for those wanting to ‘meditate’ and shoo the stress away. I keenly believe that Perth-lians are so lucky as the island is just 30 minutes away from the city. In fact, visitors can also spend a night or two there to stargaze with their loved ones. I wish I could have a partner now (LOL).


The blue seawater and sky, the windy atmosphere, and the cold water are just perfect for some me-time. Now I understand why the island is reserved not to bring any outside vehicles. Cycling around the island alone is enough to explore the island within two days. I was at this island only for a few hours. Considering that I arrived at 10.00 am and queued at bike centre for almost one hour, my time was quite stretched as I headed back to Perth City at 3.30 pm.

If you’re not aquaphobic and love swimming in the cold, spending your time at Little Salmon Bay or The Basin may be a great idea for you. If you’d like to meet some wild and friendly animals, quokkas are everywhere in the island for you to go after them. If you wanna get tanned during summer, lay down on the sand dunes. There’s also a pink lake to discover but too bad, I didn’t get a chance to make my way there. But to top it all, Rottnest Island is where you can get serenity out from the busy city.


This article is made possible only in general because my experience was limited there, and no further promotions are required. 

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