Hooray! I met the friendliest animal on Earth!

Oh life, how could I miss the good news about this friendliest animal ever exist on Earth? But before that, happy not-so new year to everyone of you! May the odds be ever in your favour! *copying the quote from you-know-which-movie*.

About a week ago, I got a chance to visit Perth, Australia and my mission to visit this big continent is meeting the creature called quokka. Very common in Perth, especially in smaller islands off the coast of Western Australia, quokka is voted as the cheekiest and friendliest animal. Why? If you get to approach a quokka and slide into your camera for a selfie, the animal will smile. Oh well, we might not know how can such animal react to our motive but it happens that the face of it is made to naturally smile!


For visitors wanting to get maybe a sneak-peak of quokkas, they can be spotted in Rottnest Island, Western Australia. Surprisingly, it is the only land mammal in this island and have become one of the tourist attractions in Perth. So let me construct an equation:

Quokka + Rottnest Island = Perth or Quokka = Perth

If you understand the message from the equation created ‘illegally’ and ‘unlawfully’ by me, then you should be able to extract the hidden meaning behind it. But anyhow, allow me to explain further. Quokka is equivalent to Perth. Whenever travellers or visitors are spending their time in Perth, there will always be a recommendation by Australians to meet quokka in Rottnest Island.

How do you pronounce quokka as it seems a tad bit difficult for the tongue to twist? North Americans usually pronounce it as kwo-ka and there is another option to call it kwah-ka. but hey, quokkas never care.


When I approached the first quokka, it was reluctant to have a selfie session with me because there was another group of people spending their time for so long. But of course I did not give up in search of this ‘cutie pie’. As I cycled around in the island, I managed to meet another quokkas but they wanted some foods from me. Unfortunately I didn’t bring any food in my bag to feed them. Bad me and poor them. But thanks for their time, I got a bunch of selfies with quokkas!

So if you have a plan to meet this little creature, head over to Rottnest Island by taking a ferry (a following post set to emerge about Rottnest Island). But be careful, although quokka can look cute, its big feet are tipped with sharp claws so don’t ever try to mess with any one of them.


Wishlist unlocked!

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  1. I love living here in Perth, Western Australia! I’ve been over to Rottnest Multiple times and loves the scenery and the quokka! I really like that the only main transportation around the island is the bikes 🙂 Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

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    • I enjoyed my time in Perth so much, although it was only a solo travel. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to explore everything in the island due to time constraint. Guess this is a call for another trip! 😀

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