A closed book to recap

A little late, but this might be a good chance for me to recap what 2017 has given or taught me throughout the year. Sounds cliche to everyone but heck, there were great times and harsh moments along the way but I managed to survive and now still alive.

Who would have thought 2017 was a roller coaster year for me with so many ups and downs I faced. But I’d like to take this moment to cherish all the good things I encountered. Let’s see.


26168110_10214300905224901_1469202365930934953_nI finished my Bachelor’s Degree with Vice Chancellor’s Award in July 2016 but the graduation ceremony was held last year somewhere in April. Three years of sacrifice at university had paid off at last that I would never forget this big success.

A writer

As much as I blog, little thing people know that a writer is what I’m doing professionally now and I’m proud of myself for being able to achieve one of the dreams I held since years ago. To secure a job is hard, but to secure a job that we enjoy doing is even harder. I’m more than grateful.

Visiting Japan

Influenced by the existence of anime, Japan is one of the must-go countries I’d like to pay a visit when I become an adult and I did it last year without having a second thought to worry!


Travelling alone

Yes, and I made my first ever solo trip to Perth, Australia to venture into things I’ve never done previously. Lots of people have questioned the reason behind this idea but all I ever wanted was to challenge my survival away from my home country.


No kidding. To me it is an achievement because I consider myself as a hard gainer and I can easily shred off pounds by not eating too much. Ever since I shifted company, I gained 4 kilograms as I ate a lot, and even now I’m still struggling to put on more weight so I can later build my muscles to look fit (and more handsome).


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