Australians, I love you.

Yes I love you, Australians. There I said it and I mean it, okay?

I flew from Kuala Lumpur and set my feet in Perth around 3.30 PM yesterday without making a proper preparation for this trip. Usually, an itinerary is always prepared beforehand so I won’t yell out the night before starting my journey.

Again, miracles happened to me way before I landed on the soil of Australia. During my flight, I talked to a lady who sat next to me after I swapped my seat with a couple. She’s been living in Perth for over 28 years (if I’m not mistaken). My first thought was it would be just a casual conversation: Where am I from, Am I on holiday, and etc. But she went on to make a short go-to list for me and I felt blessed for a moment because heck, I didn’t really do my homework.

At immigration point, usually the process could eat up closer to one hour but the officers were so, so, and so efficient. It only took me 3 minutes to finish everything then I was free to enjoy Australia. One thing I admired the officers here, they asked me what do I do for a living so I answered “Oh I’m a writer, a health writer..” and they were surprised. Maybe a young feller like me doesn’t seem to look like a writer? But again, their hospitality is beyond expectation (well, you know how some officers can be so annoying).

My anticipation told me I may be arriving at my place around 6.00 pm or later but I managed to check in at 5.00 pm. As I didn’t have a plan to throw a visit to anywhere, I got to take a stroll at Wellington Square which is closer to where I’m staying.

And how strange, I thought Australia should be super hot yesterday because it’s already summer. However, it was windy yet so cool.

Till then!

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