You’re at it again, dear self.

Phew. While people are busy fixing their itineraries, shopping for the festive season, having a sweet time with their loved ones, who would have thought I was busy sitting at the office, finishing all matters and tasks to ensure I hit the deadlines.

Phew again. December which is supposed to be a month full of joy turns the other way around to me this year. But hooray, I managed to make all ends meet and now I can enjoy my own time again.

So what’s with me again today? Finally the day has arrived. I’ve been cracking my head (read: busy) for the past few weeks and I got a chance to travel again despite my packed and busy schedule. I believe this time is going to be a whole new different experience as I will ring in 2018 in another country!

So tell me your journey. I’ll be happy to know 😬

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