Can you guess the food?

To be honest, I usually don’t eat food from any European countries because my tongue is fixed to Asian’s taste. I would be lying if I tell you I can eat everything without being picky. Heck. The only food I can never get tired of eating everyday is FRIED CHICKEN.

Being Malaysian, I’m so used to eating rice everyday with a few hot dishes like fried chicken (told ya), a bowl of veggies, curry, with soy sauce on the table (we call it ketchup in Malaysia). Having this set of meals as my lunch or dinner is enough to keep me full for hours.

However, I’d like to share my experience eating Italian food at Fratelli – Trattoria and Pizzeria in Singapore in the last two weeks. But hey, up to my surprise, my throat could accept the strange taste or maybe I was just too starving and the tummy was howling so loud as a signal to be fed.

Without further ado, let’s see what Fratelli has to offer, especially for those Italian-mouth.


This tiny little food is actually crunchy as it is made up of crispy candy Mazara del Vallo Red Prawns, Roasted Vine Tomatoes, Homemade Rucola Pesto, Honey and Pommery Mustard Dressing. It is not sour, nor it is sweet too. To me, the taste is more like crisps, but the difference is only that it has prawn inside which makes it more scrumptious.

Gnochetti alla Piemontese 2Gnochetti alla Pomientese

If you’re familiar with Spaghetti Carbonara, yes I can equate the same taste this food has with it. As unique as it sounds, the creamy texture and its sauce will melt in your mouth that you can never get over with. It is a combination of homemade potatoes Gnochetti, garlic emulsion, and Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Espuma.

Pizza Oro Nero 5Pizza Oro Nero

Shout out to pizza junkies, this is your chance to discover the newly taste of Pizza made up of seafood-based ingredients. The ingredients used include squid ink tomato sauce, Scarmoza cheese, baby squids, cured cod fish Baccala, white clams, Sicilian mussels, Trout Roe, marinated vine cherry tomatoes, and gold powder. Yes I’m not kidding. I ate gold power, but that’s not the point now.

I can tell you how delicious it could be the moment it comes into your mouth, and best eaten when it’s still smokin’ hot. Did I tell how terrible I could be when describing the taste of food? Sorry. But yes, the pizza is superbly tasty.

Spaghetti ai Tre Pomodori 3Spaghetti ai Tre Pomodori

Maybe a little ‘brother’ to Spaghetti Bolognese, but it doesn’t have meatballs. The ingredients are simple; spaghetti pasta, trio of tomatoes, fresh basils, and parmigiano cheese. As red as it appears, the thick sauce can make you feel full already (me, after so many rounds of eating).

Planeta di Fragola 5Planeta di Fragole

A mini ‘planet’ you can eat to its core inside and as you can see in the photo, the taste is sweet. Initially, the shape is meringue sphere and it looks like a light ball in a disco. I find it interesting as you want to start eating the dessert, you’re required to break it open using a hard tool (And all that perfect sphere is gone…).

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