[Photoblog] Flying Through Time

To be honest, I don’t see myself as someone who likes attending a show or a theatre to kill my free time. Nor I do have such a hobby. However, I find it interesting to enjoy a theatre show somehow because it can be very entertaining and full of laughter.

Last two weeks in Sentosa, I was invited by Hard Rock Hotel, Singapore to do a coverage on a theatre show entitled Flying Through Time. The whole idea about this event is to invite every audience to enjoy their time with their loved ones no matter how old you are.

Flying Through Time is a story of a hero by the name of tiger who is in a pursuit of villainous Dark X. The antagonist was believed to have caused the death of Tiger’s sweetheart, Melly. But more than just a lovey-dovey story, this show is a combination of many performances acted by a number of athletes. Let’s see the photos below.

P/s: I had a hard time catching the subject just to get perfect shots, no kidding.

If you’d like to grab a seat, please do visit www.sistic.com.sg or +65 6348 5555 to purchase the tickets! It is still available until 21 January 2018. The price is as low as 38s$

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