A house on a bank note!

The thing I’m amazed about Indonesia isn’t just its charming attractions that you can spot everywhere. True, it is home to many natural beauties ranging from heavenly waterfalls to sightly islands and to delightful forests.

Not to mention, the eateries in Indonesia are perfectly fit for those food hunters to savour the many delicious tastes of food in Indonesia. Say it, you wanna eat Nasi Uduk? Pempek? Bakso? Plan a food vacation in Indonesia and trust me, spend at a least a week for food hunting.

However, I am very much awestruck to know that one of the traditional houses in Indonesia, Rumah Limas is displayed on a 10,000 rupiah note which emphasises the customary uniqueness of the country.

Fun fact: Rumah Limas is traditional house prominent in South Sumatera, Indonesia. It can also be found in certain states in Malaysia such as Johor and Melaka.


Location: Balaputradewa Museum, Palembang, South Sumatera

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