American vibe at the heart of Southeast Asia

For people living in Southeast Asia, it could be costly to purchase a flight ticket to the USA. I’m not talking about the amount of money you need to splurge, but the distance and time you’d have to sacrifice. To me, I dislike long hauls as I am so prone to get airsick when floating on air for so long although flying to a different country always makes me go wildly excited.

With big celebration coming very soon (well, you know what it is), we can expect to see a flock of human swarming at overrated touristy locations to snap a photo or two with the gigantic tree and illuminating lights to feel the vibe. But more than just celebration, there is this place that can give a small glimpse of American streets. For Southeast Asian, this is your chance to go, USS Singapore!


Located just below the southernmost part of Malaysia, Singapore is like a ‘stone-throw’ away from my place. In fact, I was born in Johor! So flying to this lion city only requires less than an hour which is highly recommended for Malaysian citizen. But of course, everyone is welcome to visit Singapore too!

USS Singapore is somewhere in Sentosa Island, easily reached via car if you’re driving your way down here. With Christmas coming soon, USS Singapore takes part to give each visitor the vibe of that celebration, regardless of age. I was there for a few days and I can tell you that the setting made here is beyond imagination and I was really out of words seeing all the decorations along the streets.


As a person who ‘somehow‘ enjoys a thrilling kind of ride, roller coasters are what I go for (although I had a mini heart attack). My first ride on a roller coaster was in South Korea at Everland Themepark and I promised myself not to ride anymore. But hey, promises are made to be broken sometimes (don’t follow my footstep!). In comparison, the inverted roller coaster I rode in Singapore was even….. scarier that my soul died at such high speed. My advice, if you’re medically diagnosed with any heart problems, stop getting the idea to get a single ride.

I survived, at least – words that came out after spending my time swinging and floating on the world’s tallest dueling roller coasters, Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon. Also please do not forget, you will not be allowed to join if your height is limited to 125cm and below. Besides, your size should not be too big or otherwise you cannot fit into the seat. Unfortunately, no photography is allowed too as loose items should be put in a locker as a safety precaution.


On a plus side, if you’re head over heels with Transformer, you may join the hyper-realistic 3D ride which will give you the experience in the incredible world of Transformer, with you being the freedom fighter to beat the villainous Decepticons. In my humble opinions, the ride is made real as there are graphical motions which illustrate the battle as you play along.

(Please read: Not as thrilled as inverted roller coaster)


Right, let’s move to the another highlight. As mentioned earlier, the environment is USS is set up in accordance with Christmas. But the effort does not just end there as you can join a few events and workshop to make it merrier with the joy of celebration. For the most part, there’s this Santa’s workshop built for you to become a registered Elf. The workshop consists of 5 stations and each station will require you to finish a certain task: Finding the missing letter, helping to assemble a part of robot, and assisting Mrs Claus in her kitchen.

Once your tasks are completely done, the Santa will recognise you as a registered elf and now you can brag it out to your friends!


What else? Perhaps illuminating lights and gigantic balls are best equipped with a performance being shown too. There is a show called Oscar’s Grouchmas performed on stage to bring more joy for the visitors. Oscar is a story which covers the true meaning of the seasons and the joy of giving, kindness, and love. You can expect Sesame Street friends Elmo, Cookie Monster to delight the audience in this warm-spirited musical.


If you ask me, one day is simply not enough for you to enjoy the moment at USS because it has so many interesting activities to do and being there means your whole day is so gonna be full of cheerfulness. Visitors get to enjoy a price of only 76SGD (Age 13 – 59) for adult and 56SGD for children (Age 4 – 12) per entrance. Hop on this page for more information.

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