Conquering the eye of Sydney

This is yet another post that may look the similar as one or two of my previous posts but still, I am so eager to share with my audience here.

As mentioned earlier, I had a chance to visit Australia in the last seven months which covered two distinctive destinations; Canberra and Sydney. To recap, Canberra offers you the serenity you can never experience elsewhere and it is just right for those calm seekers. In comparison, Sydney is the other way around as the city is full of vibrant activities and high-rise buildings that your mouth can go jaw-dropping.

Although Sydney was previously the capital city of Australia, it doesn’t affect the vivid-ness the city has. Taking into my view, Sydney is a big city that can make you go wild and sparky with its relentless offerings ranging from luxurious restaurants, magnificent views of Opera House, beaches and walkways in Bondi Beach, and liveliness of people strolling around the vicinity.


This is usually the case in each city where we get to learn and understand the behaviour of mankind. To me, Sydneysiders are so energetic and always on-the-go during normal days, while being able to enjoy nightlife after toiling so diligently in the daylight. So there is a life balance coexist together. Up to my surprise, shop outlets and malls stop operating as early as 8.00 PM which is contrary to my place. Only night clubs are as active as the owl perching on a tree while waiting for the prey to emerge.

So what’s with the eye of Sydney? For Sydneysiders or Australian, your thought may possibly hit the target because hey, it’s all about the Sydney Tower Eye I want to talk about now! As a tower hunter, I would never miss to grab this chance to see the city’s skyline from above.

Heading towards the venue is pretty easy as the public transportation system in Sydney is top-notch so I didn’t feel any tad bit of nervousness. Make your way to St James Station; or Town Hall Station; or Elizabeth Station which then requires you to walk to a mall. Your arrival may also need you to scale up to level 5 at Westfield Sydney before you can ascend to the viewdeck of Sydney Tower Eye.


At such high level, the tower offers none but the spectacular view of Sydney including the majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge. As cliche as you think, where else can you capture the sight of this iconic landmark? So the interest has sparked in you? Grab a ticket at a starting price of only 28AUD (Adult) and 19AUD (Child).



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