Love, starts with you

As the headline suggests, the post will revolve around my ideas and thoughts and it may vary with your personal views towards what love is. It’s completely understandable if your thoughts are against mine because everyone is entitled to practise their own way of life. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Love can be anything. In general, love can be; a feeling of deep affection towards the one we adore, an act of loving a person we care so much, or a fondness towards animals to see them lead a happy life without getting abused. To love, and to be loved are totally contrasting to the extent that they have no correlation at all, like how the north pole and south pole of the Earth never meet.

Love requires a great deal of sacrifice, either one party should be able to sacrifice his or her feelings towards the significant other, or being understanding at all cost to keep your relationship unbroken. Albeit a person may get hurt in return, it’s literally the ‘love’ which keeps them moving, growing the feeling they hold even more.

It hurts sometimes when love isn’t returned to you, after all the sacrifices you did for the one you care all day and all night. Even harder, when people around you are not understanding which at the end makes you feel useless about yourself. Indeed, the idea of love is distinct at the sight of one’s eye.

However, do you know the love that most of us are missing? We fail to love ourselves, which is irrefutably correct. We spend our time deliberately allowing loving others, without realising the essence of accepting ourselves in the first place. We sacrifice our feelings for someone because we want them to be in a good shape and to see the joy in their eyes is so satisfying. Worst, you didn’t get the same energy.

To me, the love you, everyone, and me should be doing since day 1 is to love yourself no matter what happens. Self acceptance is important to carry a healthy mind all the way in your life. Otherwise, can you confirm who would love you as much as you do? According to M. Scott Peck, until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.

Yes. The message here is to inform that self acceptance and loving yourself for who you are today is the key to leading a blissful life. Our energy has been wasting on many unnecessary things so why do we have to add more on the list? Start seeing the values you have and appreciate them so your life is full of bless, eventually you’ll be grateful to see how long you have successfully survived until this minute.

If you can love someone else with all your heart, then there should be no excuse to love yourself, am I right? 😉


Can someone help me translate?


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