Simple room concept, of mine!

Everyone dreams of owning a room with fancy decorations and wallpapers to impress any guest that comes to visit our place. Sure, if you’re the type that likes to stay in a mess, this post isn’t for you (Read: Please modify your room).

Decorating your room can take a great effort and sacrifice, and sometimes you need to fork out some amount of money to make it more delightful for your eyes to see. If you’re a guy, most probably your choice may revolve around putting art photos as a wallpaper or a bunch of Gundam toys standing on the table. On the other hand, you might choose a vibrant colour to make your space look lively along with an ornamental book rack.

In the last few months, I had a major rearrangement of my room as I felt that my space has been looking so dull over the years. The wall used to be creamy-white while having only a calendar that stuck to it. Since then, I told myself that it’s time to decorate the whole room. Let’s have a quick glance.


As my room is quite small, this is the best shot I can get from where I stand in the photo (the angle). I chose blue as it is my favourite colour and it simply indicates calmness. The book rack I bought is meant for some ‘hipster’ vibe as a way to follow the trend today. So what about yours? I’ll be happy to know too!


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