Make your pitch at the beach

Life can be daunting, sometimes depressing. Have you ever had a moment in a car where you were on the way to your workplace but the traffic got you into extreme madness that your head felt like exploding? Or, you broke with your partner for good and the heart could hardly move on from the past because you were so deeply in love?

Both situations are the ideal examples of hardship in life that a person may experience, or have experienced. Do you know what does that mean? It’s a call for BEACH TIME to let your stress or sadness wash away so you’re back in green mood.

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Despite having the optimum access to anywhere and anytime, living in big cities can sometimes make you feel grumpy because the environment is not healthy, badly supplemented with harmful gases and noises. For someone like me that resides in an urban area, beach is considered an ideal place for chilling out, with a glass of fresh orange if the day is very sunny.

So now you may ask, of all venues, why did I choose beach? Friend, no matter where you are, can you resist the sound of sea waves? (Unless a tsunami occurs, you may run). In my humble opinion, not only you can shoo the stress away, you’re also free to enjoy the sea breeze while lying on the sand, sunbathing your body (But don’t do this if it’s scorching hot).

Take yourself at the beach during your free time, best in the late afternoon so you won’t get too tanned!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Ps: I know the headline doesn’t go in  line.


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