How travel reshapes myself as a new person

Travel, for it will turn you into a new person. 


The world is a big place to live, and we’re the explorer. Every corner of the world contains a hidden treasure that we as human must unearth to acquire a new gem. As you may notice, my previous posts have been about me travelling outside my home country and the idea behind this post today is to share my opinions on how travel can change myself into a new ‘entity’.

Travelling requires you to move from one place to another. If you’re visiting a certain place only to spend a day or two at a hotel, that’s not travelling, it’s called retreating. Perhaps the best part about travelling is that everyone is entitled to do so and it’s unnecessary to set a different place outside your home country.


For the most part, I can say that travelling allows you to be more exposed as you get to learn new cultures every time you visit a place, be it big cities or historical landmarks. Cultures can be divided into many branches such as histories, foods, traditional apparels, or race of one’s skin. These heterogeneous cultures signify the uniqueness of a country that you can hardly find at your homeland, especially if you’re from a different continent.


Please excuse my awkward pose

Proven to help boost your mental power. Yup, you’re not at your own comfortable pace to do anything as you please when you’re travelling outside the country. You’re likely to abide to the rules to avoid any undesirable consequences and as a result, you become more independent to keep yourself safe. In fact, it helps your brain to work harder during emergency moments. Say, you’re lost and your phone battery is dying. What do you do? Either you hop on a taxi to take you back at your guest house, or bet your luck to get a ride from a stranger. It can be easy, but can also be the other way around depending on your issue.

In fact, traveling will make you say your prayers and be grateful for what you have in life. Put it this way, when you get a chance to visit a country that is less developed, you’ll find that how much your life has given you. Less developed countries may not have the modern technologies like you have at home, it makes you one-step wiser and knowledgeable with new inventions coming in the future.


And to me, the best part about travelling is the variety type of food a country has to offer. Without food, we cannot live (Obviously, meh). I believe every country we visit, there exists a certain cuisine prominent in that area. In South Korea, Kimchi is the signature food. In Japan, you may try a plate full of Sushi. In Malaysia, your tongue is pleasured with the taste of Nasi Lemak. These foods are known to be the specialty of a country which can never be the same elsewhere, nope.

Independent. The word may sound simple but it carries many translations and meanings, and it suits very best to those solo travellers experiencing the world alone. True, it takes a great sacrifice when we’re out for solo travelling, ranging from body intensity to mental strength to money, and to time. Saying this, I ween, can help a person grow mentally strong.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! So true! You grow a lot and learn a lot about yourself, about how much you can adopt to different things, about how much you can handle and it certainly shows you your limit. For me, traveling in big groups gets on my nerves! Even if they are family or close friends, it ‘s too much to coordinate and deal with. I learnt to step back from the group and enjoy my time alone with the new place I am visiting, breathe and then go back to the group.

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    • Most welcome! To me, there are pros and cons when you travel alone, but overall I can say that you know yourself better by being alone. There’s a lot of things you need to consider as you’re out of your comfort. But of course, it’s your “me time”!

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