The world’s ‘tallest’ tree!

Gotcha! I see that you’re an explorer and you want to find out and discover new things so that your notebook is gonna look cool with more added notes inside. Well yeah, you might be guessing as if the tallest tree ever recorded in history is redwoods (Sequoia Sampervirens) but I’m afraid to inform that to me, redwoods isn’t the tallest ‘tree’ πŸ˜‰

As a side note too, that tree didn’t grow in California as you might expect. What? Knock it off already? Alright then. To me, the world ‘tallest ‘tree’ I have ever visited, or even had a chance to reach its peak is Tokyo Skytree in Japan! Located in the heart of Tokyo with 634m height, it is deemed to be the tallest ‘tree’ in Japan, or maybe the world too. (read: to me).


A tower-hunter like me is always mesmerised with such prefecture that stands sturdily high and for someone who is not acrophobic (or semi-acrophobic), the tower allows tourists to ascend to enjoy the great view of Tokyo Metropolitan. And once you’re up at the peak (well it’s just a viewdeck), there’s a feeling that twice as likely you may pause for a split second and think how tiny you physically are.

Of course to ascend to its deck will fork you out some amount of cash. For Tembo Deck (floor 350), you will have to spare an exact amount of 2,060YEN and for another deck at floor 450, another 1,030YEN will be charged. No worries, Tembo Deck alone is enough for you to enjoy the city’s skyline from above. The only thing you need to bear is the amount of visitors there but overall, it’s worth it! More information about the tickets and entrance fee can be retrieved here.


While this may sound a tad geeky for an adventurous traveller, the journey about Tokyo Skytree doesn’t end at the deck. Visitors don’t just apply a come-and-go thought without missing to learn the backstory of this tower. Previously in 2011, it was the world’s tallest tower, replacing the Canton Tower in Shanghai.

Now, the tower serves as the main television and radio broadcast site in the Kanto Region, replacing the older Tokyo Tower as it is no longer able to give complete digital terrestrial television broadcasting coverage due to the high-rise buildings surrounding the old tower.

Tokyo Skytree is located here:Β 1 Chome-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo 131-0045, Japan and you can reach this place by train at Tokyo Skytree Station via Tobu Skytree Line. Be sure to add Tokyo Skytree on your go-to list if you have a plan to visit Tokyo!


Me, contemplating life.


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