Shoo ‘thy’ hunger away with Pempek

Having over 200 millions people residing in Indonesia, it sure has nurtured a new culture which can be inherited from time to time. Best known as a country that is diverse with many hidden pearls and gems, Indonesia too has a great deal of food to offer for visitors. Bakso, soto, gadogado, and ayam penyet are among the foods to name a few.

In Palembang, the taste of Pempek can make you salivate all day with its Kuah Cuko eaten during tea-time. Pempek is a savoury fishcake that is made up of fish and tapioca which can be numbered into many types such as Pempek Telor, Adaan, Lenjer, and Kapal Selam.


Sure, you can get this savoury fishcake at many street foodstalls or restaurants. But I’d like to suggest you to drop at Pondok Tince, Jalan Mayor Roslan No 794-795, Palembang. Not only it serves you a variety type of Pempek, it has another special food offered such as Pindang Daging or Pindang Ikan Pating to quash the hunger you’ve been holding for in a day.

While sipping a cup of tea, there’s a number of desserts you can taste such as Es Kacang Merah (In Malaysia, we call it ABC!). Another plus point, the restaurant is not just designed for people to come, dine, and go. The concept is also made for people to enjoy food while being able to pose for photos! In simple words, it’s ‘hipster’!


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