A green kind of view

Green and scenery are relatable and those who like the colour is a kind of person that appreciates natures, be it mountains, hills, forest, or green field. A green view like this can surely make us feel so calm that we don’t want them to be disposed.

About a week ago, I got a chance to visit my neighbouring country, Indonesia and I had a few days stay in South Sumatera. Speaking from a geographical point of view, Indonesia is home to many islands and also a mother nature that you can never find elsewhere. Usually when I travel outside my home country, the first thing that pops on my mind is to visit the capital city so I can learn the habits of people there.


But during my journey, it was the other way around. Oh first of all, it was a trip supported by the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia and I was invited by my friend to join in. We were brought to a number of places and of course, I’m going to go post by post (you can expect to read more in the future).

I can say that the language used in Indonesia is quite similar and closely related to my mother tongue because we’re categorised as Austronesian. Right, let’s get it straight to my point today.


Our first trip took us to Pagar Alam, a place that is surrounded by green colours of tea plantation and a few soaring mountains. Probably the best part about Pagar Alam is that, travelers get a chance to catch up sunrise early in the morning at Mount Dempo. I learned something about the origin of Pagar Alam. The name was proposed and then used because the place geographically connects natures to another natures.

Yup, our team was brought up the peak of tea plantation to see this natural phenomenon. I suggest you to make your move at 3.30 AM so you will be able to record a time-lapse video of sunrise, which is pretty amazing!


Not to mention, visiting tea plantation also means that you’re entitled to learn how to pluck the tea leaf properly, guided by the locals working here. Cool!

Here’s a tip, if you have a plan to visit Pagar Alam and Mount Dempo, bear in mind that the temperature can go down to 15 degree Celsius. While it may sound normal to some groups of people from different continents, Asian may have to bring a sweater or jacket.

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