Why I love Canberra, so much

Quiet, peace, and serene are some of the words that can describe the capital city of Australia, Canberra. As a constant wanderer of cities, I can summarise that Canberra is one of the calmest places for one to live in.

Recalling what I said and wrote in my previous post, Canberra can offer you serenity that you may not be able to feel it anywhere else. True, it is like a small town perfect for retirees to stay for good. But more than just serenity, I see Canberra as somewhat a city that is close to nature.

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Now, you might be saying that I’m crazy for loving Canberra but little thing you knew about me is that, I’m a kind of person who actually appreciates silence and tranquility because hey, living in vivid areas, silence means nothing. Let’s go by point to get a glimpse of why I love Canberra, so much.

Home to wildlife

Really? How is that even possible? Here’s the story, when I was on my way to Canberra from Sydney, there was a kangaroo passing by our car. If we were a few minutes earlier, I believe the kangaroo would have died right away! True, kangaroos are everywhere in Canberra and the city is actually dotted with bushes and trees which is why wildlife like kangaroos are residing in that area as well. They’re free to roam around, if I’m not mistaken. But one thing I heard about these kangaroos is, we’re forbidden to feed them because they’re wild and supposed to carry out life on their own.

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A city of nature

Unlike its counterpart like Sydney which is mostly packed with buildings and establishments, Canberra boasts for its natures which people can enjoy almost everyday. Not only kangaroos, every corner of Canberra has its own parks and trails for hiking or biking up the hill and streets are full of trees which look so beautiful during autumn (considering I came in this season). In fact, those who enjoy and appreciate scenery can have picnics at Commonwealth Park or Lake Burley Griffin.



Traffic congestion in Canberra only takes place for a few minutes and the peak hours are usually in the morning and late afternoon where people are dashing out to the office and heading back home.

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Munch and munch

Restaurants and food stalls are usually the case when a person is travelling somewhere. Who can resist food, anyway? But of course if you think this point is about a luxury restaurant that can feed your tummy with some fancy ice cream or some food stalls that provide free food, you’re wrong. I would like to take you to the other side munch which you may not be able to experience in most big cities. Munch the apples at Tanbella Orchard! You are allowed to eat as many apples as you want for free! But of course you have to eat them there on the spot. If you wish to bring some back to your hotel, pluck them and put in a pail provided by the staff ( and it comes with payment).

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To avoid saying friendly, let me revise the word to lovely. Yes, everyone in Canberra is lovely especially towards travelers because they understand how crucial it is to be hospitable. I experienced this at Canberra Centre when I wanted to buy a sim card for my phone. Considering that English is my second language and I have no issue to communicate with native English speakers, I find that Canberran treat customers in a nicely manner. Well maybe because I was one of the customers? But thanks for being so friendly!

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