You need peace? Visit this place

So workloads have turned you into a fiercely roaring lion because your colleagues have been putting strains on your shoulder, or maybe your boss has made a mess with you that you want to punch him in the face, but unable to do so.

Fear not, friends. I suggest you to take some time and meditate to subside the tension in your brain. So… what about tendering a week of annual leave to calm your mad mind? It’s good that you can stay put and continue doing what you’re up to, but it’s also unhealthy if you’re grounded with negative vibes.

A few months ago, I had a chance to visit the capital city of Australia. What? Sydney? No. It’s Canberra. I was there with my family to get a sneak peek of that place and to be honest, Canberra successfully conquered my heart.

True, Canberra is the best bet for those wishing to live in peace. But for some people, they may not be in favour with a place that is peaceful, calm, and tranquil and might otherwise choose a busy and vibrant place instead. So if you’re the latter, Canberra is not your best option.

Let’s look at the photos as a proof! (3)

Now, you might be asking what Canberra offers while walking around in town? Of course you have to stay tuned! We’ll meet again in my next post.


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