After a long walk, your feet need love!

After such a long walk in the day, you probably need to pause and show ‘affection’ to your feet as they are tired to continue the pace. Undoubtedly, walking is considered one of the ways for us to live a healthy lifestyle.

Worry not, this post isn’t about health or anything in regards with health. Travelling outside the country requires you to walk around the city as a way to cut cost.

Sure, if you’re rich enough to hop on a taxi, this post is not relevant for you (kidding!). When we’re tired of walking too much, most likely we will stop at a shop, buy ourselves a drink to quench the thirst and then find a perfect spot to sit for a while.


So what do you do? During my visit in Tokyo, I suggested my buddies that we should visit an Onsen, although it was SUMMER. First of all, what is Onsen? Onsen is a Japanese hotspring along with bathing facilities and inns.

Believe it or not, Japan has thousands of onsens throughout the country even in the busiest city, such as Tokyo.

Yes. Up to my surprise, there exists a lot of Onsens in Tokyo, and during my trip, I got to visit Ooedo Onsen Monogatari after dripping my sweats all over the body. Located in Odaiba, Ooedo Onsen Monogatari is built for those who need their “me time”.

I personally believe that night-time is the perfect hour to enjoy the Onsen during summer. This place isn’t just for hot-bathing, there are a number of activities to fill up our time and also a number of facilities that we can utilise.

As an example, there’s a game called Ninja star. This is your chance to reveal the ninja character in you! Besides, the venue is full with a lot of eateries for a person who loves the taste of different foods.


The entrance fee? Wait a second, if you think purchasing the ticket requires only a-few-minutes queuing, you get the wrong idea. During peak hours, the queue is very, very and very long that the attendant outside may have to block the line until it subsides.

No patience? Fret not, I believe that Japan work system is very efficient. To tell you the truth, I started queuing at 7.30PM and the hall was massively crowded with a sea of human. Fortunately, the pain of waiting finally ended 30 minutes after.

Now, the admission fee varies depending on the day and time you arrive. Usually, the fee will cost you around 2,612YEN on weekdays and 2,828YEN on weekends. Children below twelve will have an admission fee of roughly around 1,100YEN. There is a special rate given if you come in the evening; 2,072YEN on weekdays and 2,288YEN on weekends.


The admission fee comes with a Yukata (a kimono-like dress) prior to entering the Onsen. Also, the fee will allow you to use the open-bath and a towel is given as well. But if you wish to use a private Onsen, you’ll have to pay extra.

What can you expect once the ticket is in your hand? Alright first things first, you will need to change your clothes with the Yukata given earlier to you. The changing room is prepared separately for gentlemen and ladies. Once done, you will first enter the hall filled with a lot food stalls inside alongside the gift shops.


The hall is quite bigger than you might expect, so have some time to roam around the place. All orders (food, drinks, souvenirs) are scanned on the barcode printed on the ticket (given in the form of bracelet).

What a great time to relax and chill yourself after long hours of constant walking. Soak your feet in, and the exhaustion relieves within seconds! In my humble opinion, Ooedo Onsen is truly a must-go destination in your list because of its variety inside the venue. More than wanting to try all sorts of activities, soaking my feet in the hot spring is enough for me to describe how cool this place is, with the Yukara worn.


Bear in mind, the open bath only allows you to sit on the end-side of the waterway (I have no idea how to describe this, but the answer is obvious as in the photo) and if you wish to try out the private bath, extra fee will be charged using the scanning method.

Going out now? Alright, checking out requires you to return the Yukata into its designated box in the changing room. A paid pass will be issued once payment is complete. Finally, hand over the paid pass to the attendant at the exit. There you go, you’re a certified visitor of Ooedo Onsen Monogatari!

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