The love island

Here’s the thing, do you remember a decade ago, there was a series of drama from Korea that went famous for its island and the many scenes that were filmed there?

If your mental note says it’s Nami Island, congratulations you’re on the track! Titled as Winter Sonata, the drama was aired back in 2002. But we’re not talking about the heart-rending story, I’m interested to prattle about the island that is incredibly full of romanticism (exaggeration, of course).  ​

Nami Island boasts for its half-moon shaped, located in Chuncheon, South korea. Since this country happens to run a four-season event all year round, the view can be very captivating, be it during summer, winter, spring, or autumn.

But to my personal thought, I would suggest everyone to visit the Island during autumn, well because, the falling leaves can give you the romantic feeling. Even nicer if you travel along with your loved ones! (wink).


What can you expect to do at this small yet very exquisite island? Interestingly speaking, prior to entering the island, you can manage to try the zipline (something like a flying fox) and it’s ec-friendly! But usually, visitors will hop on a ferry to get to the island.

The island itself is actually dotted with a lot of trees, a few restaurants you can drop by to have lunch, a cafe, facilities such as toilets, prayer room for muslims (which is why many muslims are attracted to go!), exhibition centre, and a lot more.

Should you want to experience the feeling of Winter Sonata, rent a bike and roam the island together with your loved ones. Make sure to tune in the OST too! (From the beginning until the end).


The best part of South Korea is visiting Nami Island and undoubtedly, it is more than we might expect because of its diversity in the island alone.

Perhaps if you need a ‘staycation’, a bunch of hotels, or guesthouses are ready to serve you just nearby the island. So what are you waiting for? Book the ticket and plan a trip to feast your eyes!

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