The little brother of Eiffel tower?

If you have been to Eiffel Tower, the iconic landmark of Paris, you may find its look-alike in one of the developed countries located in Asia. Known as the land of the rising sun, Japan too, has a tower that appears to be about the shape of Eiffel Tower. More or less, they’re like brothers leaving far away, coloured in different palettes.

Standing ‘redly’ exquisite in the heart of Japan’s capital city, Tokyo Tower has been successfully attracted the many tourists from various countries, including me.

Let’s learn some facts. Tokyo Tower. With its height at 332.9 metres, the structure is now the second tallest building in Japan. Tokyo Tower is a communications and observation tower located in Shiba-koen, district of Minato.


During my visit, I splurged an exact amount of 900yen to climb up to its main observatory deck (Using the lift). Unfortunately, special observatory deck was not open to visitors as they were having some renovations operating. If you bring a children, please expect to spend 500yen each.

If you’re a tower-hunter like me, perhaps Tokyo Tower should be a must-go destination when you travel around in Tokyo.

At the main observatory deck, you can expect to purchase souvenirs as a commemorative stuff to keep once you’re back.


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